Welcome to Thompson Rivers Medical Clinic

Thompson Rivers Medical Clinic (TRMC) opened in September 2009. Dr. Peter Gorman, Dr. Lennard Pretorius, Dr. Brenda Laupland and Dr. Rob Thomasse are the four Family Physicians presently working in the clinic. Dr. Gorman started in September 2009, Dr. Pretorius in May 2011, Dr. Laupland in May 2013 and Dr. Thomasse in August 2013. All four physicians have full practices at this time and are not accepting new patients.

Dr. Gorman and Dr. Pretorius are on the upper level. Dr. Laupland and Dr. Thomasse are downstairs. For those who are already clients of Dr. Laupland and Dr. Thomasse, their phone number is 250-374-9948. Dr. Pretorius and Dr. Gorman can be reached at 250-374-3775.

Covid 19 update: see "Flu Shots" page

Appointments will be by telephone or video links whenever possible